Dr. Hein has made a big difference in our son’s life. After the surgery he has been growing into an outgoing and self-confident young man.


I just had my 10 year exam and final one for my implants. Thank you so much for helping “fix” me. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts.


Dr. Hein did a great job ‘remodelling’ my face. The makeover has increased my sense of well-being and confidence! Dr. Hein is a ‘Master’, and I am sincerely grateful!


I spoke to some friends about my conversation with Dr. Hein. We were ‘blown away’. How refreshing to have a surgeon put the patient before profit – especially when it is 4 days before surgery and he has to juggle his schedule and the surgery center has to juggle their schedule.
One last note. Twice Dr. Hein has visited with me. He has been patient and clearly explain everything. Both times I have been with him 45 minutes. He is amazing!